The pure sensation


In the workshop, I demonstrated the way to combining the continued lighting and flash lighting . Here are some samples. the ring LED light (南冠CN-R640) as the key light, and two GODOX V-860c as the ring light for the edges. 
洛陽春 洛陽春 洛陽春 洛陽春

Thanks to Irene Peng for the modelling, very touching pose and look. 


The Fashion brand - 洛陽春 brings the flash and pure sensation in those images.

All taking by my trusted Canon EOS-1DsMKII+Canon EF 85mm f1.2L.


The depth of Blue -  洛陽春

The depth of Blue

Model: 彭琁 Irene Peng

MUA: 李松真


Fashion Designer: 蘇玟瑜

Brand: 洛陽春


Photographer: Sammi Fang

Studio: special thanks to 謝文禎,真善美舞團

Here is a quick pick of preview from the creative team works. Thanks for the talent model: Irene Peng (彭琁)and MUA Sunny Lee's(李松真) hard work to perform the beautiful moody gestures in stunning styles. The great artist 蘇玟瑜's painting on the fabric make the images so vivid with depths of imaginations. Putting everything together is all my pleasure to do so:)



Colorful Fashion Shoots凝彩時尚攝影

The Color Rendering - gel lighting  色彩交疊的濾色片光法

The Color Rendering



Model: Angeli Wang

Stylist/MUA: 李松真

Stylist/Designer: 蘇玟瑜 (品牌服飾:洛陽春)

Photographer: Sammi Fang

It's a great pleasure to work with the new-raising model - Angeli and fantastic MUA - Sunney Lee.  

For the distinctive looks I use the del lighting to achieve a rich colorful mixture image. The skin has been transformed as an unusual metal look, far beyond the impressions of a beauty. it's a nice way to explore the individual vision of the fashion photography and I will discuss this topic on the upcoming workshop in Taichung. 

此次非常的榮幸與Model Angeli 以及妝髮造型師 松真合作時尚作品的拍攝。運用的多彩光投射的色彩融合手法,將肌膚處理成類金屬的光澤感,彰顯甜美之外的個人風格氣質,流露出更多獨特個性。這樣的創作思維也期待在即將到來的攝影講座來剖析分享。


The preview of the bridal style test-shoot

Here are few preview images of the bridal style test shoot. It's been a pleasure to work with fantastic MUA - Vivi and wonderful model - Lin. More works will be showed soon:)

Photographer: Sammi Fang
Model: 鐘苡綾
MUA/Stylist: VIVI Lin


2015/11/15 Fashion Photography Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 下午12.53.16

 Here id the behind-the-scene photos of the Fashion Photography Workshop on 15th Nov 2015.
Special thanks to the dedicated model - Shu-Yi Chang and Hélène Chour  for the lovely performance, and MUA - 劉小樺's beautiful make-up works!!


Shu-Yi by Sammi Fang on
Model: Shu-Yi Chang

MUA:  劉小樺

SHFA0912 - Version 2

Model: Shu-Yi Chang
MUA: 劉小樺

In the air

Shu-Yi Chang
MUA: 劉小樺

Shu Yi Chang by Sammi Fang on

Model: Shu Yi Chang 
MUA: 劉小樺

Hélène Chour by Sammi Fang on

Model: Hélène Chour
MUA: 劉小樺



Behind-the-Scenes Video

Here is the little behind-the-scenes video showing how we put everything together to do a photoshoot:)

Thanks to the great team for producing nice images and footages all together in the 90mins limited time. Can't wait to do more shoots again! 



Sammi Studio 時尚人像拍攝幕後花絮

Sammi Fang's Fashion Photography photoshoot - Behind the Scenes.



Sammi Studio:




Photographer: Sammi Fang 方尚瀚


Model: Lucy - Chih Yu Lin

MUA: Jayla Lu 盧婷婷

First Assistant: 曾詩耕

Producer: Sammi Studio

Director: Sammi Fang 方尚瀚

Music: Kevin Macleod




Sammi Studio 時尚人像拍攝幕後花絮 Sammi Fang's Fashion Photogrphy photoshoot - Behind the Scenes. from sammi fang on Vimeo.



The Portrait of Painter.

Recently I have two images accepting by PhotoVogue, and it;s quite fun to join this submission. 

The works from different area reveal diversity and unique point of view, and offer inspirations and aspiration:)

My Portfolio on PhotoVogue


Some Demonstrations in my workshop, Taipei.

It's been my privilege to share the experiences and works to my friends and other photographers in my Taipei workshop. Also Thanks to the stunning model - Shu Yi and fabulous inTW Dance company for the great demonstrations.



Here are few samples from the workshop:



Lighting Workshop.001


 The Paramount Lighting brings the clear symmetrical looks for beautiful faces.


Shu-Yi 003


Simply by controlling the spread of the bounce flash,  the light can be modified as the effects from the soft box. 





Lighting Workshop.002


The Rembrandt Lighting shows the dynamic energy of the picture, the beauty in the dramatic atmosphere. 



Shu-Yi 008


Shu-Yi 013





Lighting Workshop.003

 Sometimes the simple one light set-up can reveal the rich sensations. 




Lighting Workshop.004


Multiple lights bring multiple joys:)



Lighting Workshop.005

 My beloved three-lights set-up for creating the vision of my own!!



Shu-Yi 017

 The combination of different qualities of light/color forms strong perceptions of depth in this portrait. 




 The ambient light on the site. 





There lights set-up for the Dancers' Portrait:































Some demonstrations of Dance Photography: 


ZS7I8847 - Version 2





ZS7I8852 - Version 2











My on-line portfolio of Fujifilm X-System 

Sammi's Fujifilm X-System Works


The album of my x-system works on Flickr :)


As a Taiwanese visual artist, I work in the fields of film-making and photography for the last 7 years in London. 


Few of my experience of Fashion Photography in my working resume:

2011-2014 Photographer,  London School of Modelling,  London, UK

2015 Photographer, LDN Models, London, UK



Fujifilm X-System is my beloved friends in photography now after using many different camera brands. 

Very attractive traditional interface of classic camera models, and light-weight combination with high-quality opticals are the reasons for me to keep X-system by my side in work or pleasure time.


My X-System Camera:








My X-System Lens


XF 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 OIS

XF 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 OIS

XC 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OIS

XF 18mm f2.0 R

XF 35mm f1.4 R

XF 56mm f1.2 R

XF 60mm f2.4R Macro


My review of X-System on Web-forum: Mobile 01


Another web-portfolio: 500px






 Hope to capture/create more signific images with the great Fujifilm X-System in my photography career!!


Sammi's Off-Camera Flash Photography Workshop in Tainan

Here is the keynote of my off camera flash photography workshop in Tainan on 30th Aug 2015.




It's delight to present the off-camera flash tech and thoughts for portrait photography in this workshop. Also I have a chance to visit my beloved hometown - Taiwan.







The workshop demonstration. 


Few sample of portrait on that day:












Sammi's 2015 Off Camera Flash Portrait photography Workshop 



2015 July 19, D1 Palaza, Hsinchu City, Taiwan






Fashion Photographer Sammi Fang was giving his speech of lighting for portrait photography.




53 test drawing #concept#drawing

 The concept drawing of the demo-shoot.





 The demo of the presentation.


Model: Sabong





 JPG file straightly from camera.





 The outdoor flash lighting portrait demostration.  




The discussing of the lighting set-up.



Our new LDN Model has a beautiful new, and her elegant poses reflect the equally beautiful looks, shall have a bright feature in the modeling. Here are few quick sharing:













Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 上午1.33.44



Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 上午1.08.08


Alice in the Greenwich Park

Alice is a talented professional model and it's pleasure to work with her again.  





The grass turned into yellow in this season, but it's perfectly fitting the outfit and the hair. Shooting under cloudy natural light.  





 On the day the forecast shows light shower and it actually the middle of shoot. 

Although it was raining but Alice and I still got great images. 




The evening dress beauty becomes a gothic fashion with Octabox lighting.





Simple preview of the contact sheet here:)


New photos on LDN Instagram 

Here are few images using on the LDN Instagram from last week's shooting:



















It's so delight to see many lovely new face in last week, quite busy in the all day shooting but hopefully to contribute nice images of their portfolio.




Here are few quick preview images of lovely Monica's test shoot in LDM Models.

One of the images has been used for the banner of Flickr Group - Magical Portrait.


Let's take a look of Magical Monica :)



 Fujifilm X-T1 + XF35mm f1.4R




ZS7I8607 - Version 2

 Canon EOS-1DsMK2 + EF 85mm f1.2L






Canon EOS-1DsMK2 + EF 85mm f1.2L






 Canon EOS-1DsMK2 + EF 85mm f1.2L




Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 上午12.52.53

The Banner of the Flickr group - Magical Portrait 


Alice Neale, LDN Models

It's fantastic to work with beautiful new model - Alice Neale, the poses and attitudes are great within her performance. Few quick pre-view images are here:




Alice Neale


Delightful to work with and hope all best luck to her model career:)


Amy, LDN Models




























Amy is a beautiful dancer and strong potential model, it's been pleasure to work with her and produce nice portfolio. The bright future is there to foresee. 

Few selected images for LDN promotion

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.06.04



Here are few screenshots of images from camera selecting for LDN Instagram 

A quick preview of the two days shoot...



Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.06.17


It's the first time I use Fujifilm X-system for main camera in an all day shoot, and I have to say that it's so much easier and enjoyable. It might be the time to say good bye to my full-frame Canon EOS-1DsMK2...  



Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.07.41


 Using single camera system can let me focus to the elements of images and set the lights in variety styles. 



Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.07.50


 The Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 provide proper defocused background which is not as great as Canon EF 85mm f1.2L but OK.




Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.08.01




Certainly it's al about the form/color/tones to make the images right.





Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 下午12.08.09

Also the interact with subject/model is a major factor in the portfolio shoot:)



New upcoming photo on 500px

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 下午8.06.10


Here is another upcoming photos on 500px, thanks for all likes & faves:)


London School of Modeling / LDN Model

Another good day in LDN Model








A great Sunday working in LDN Model.

Here are few quick preview of works with the stunning model Joanna Jennings.








 Natural look






High Fashion look




Another popular image in 5∞px

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 下午8.20.46


The image of LDN Model Charlie Smith has hinted in the popular photos of 500 px.

Shall do more Black and White photos:)



Charlie Smith


LDN Model, London, UK


Canon EOS-1DsMK2 + Canon EF 85mm f1.2L USM




The Beauty with Cherry Blossom 






A stunning shoot with fantastic Fashion Model - Anne-Marie Tarbie. We spend a wonderful afternoon in the Greenwich Park to shoot a subject of Beauty with Cherry Blossom. Very pleased with the results and present a quick preview here. more coming soon.

Tom the Musician 



The street portrait of the Musician - Tom.

It's so fun to have free style shooting in the urban environment - SOHO area. Many photography opportunity to have nice portrait shoots.
















Fashion shoot with Pooja Pradaan

Pooja Pradaan is a professional Actress/Model from India. It's a great experience to work with her while her visit in UK. The season of cherry blossom is a nice location opportunity for fashion shoot. It looks sunny but the weather was still cold! Thanks for the great team to make this happening.  Here are few previews of the shoot.


Model:  Pooja Pradaan


Make Up Artist:  Margret Magnus


I love one light set-up for the portrait, but I prefer the three light set-up more. The simplicity is beautiful, elegance, as we can see from many classic Fashion Photography which strictly utilizes the one light method. For me I would like to bring a little depth and color into my picture, a little personal taste of my fine art background instead of the logical clarity of light. More lights mean more distractions beside the area of focus, thus it takes the experiences and the foreseeing of the composition of atheistic sensation. But I love to try all the combination, even there are many chances to fail :)



 LDN Model: Raquel Pulle

One Light Set-Up


 Very clean and easy to read the subject, shows the logic of the lighting direction.

The shadows are emerged thus it's fuzzy to identify the subject and the space(background).. 



 LDN Model: Raquel Pulle 

Three Light Set-Up


Add a outline kick light and background back lit, the space has been noted around the subject.

The kick lit indicates the thickness of the subject, also reveal the texture (with a harder lighting)






 Another One-Light Set-Up sample





Three-Lights Set-UP sample

Basing the same concept of delivering the shape and depth go the subject in the image.

The difficulty is to determinate the volume of the second/third light! When we check the playback on the camera on the site, it seems very subtle but become distractions on the large monitor. Nevertheless it's preferable for me to dedicate the lighting onto my fashion photography style.   


Hannah Poplaws, two looks


 Fujifilm X-T1/ XF56mm f1.2R, natural light


Here are the two different looks with different lighting plans shooing with beautiful model - Hannah Poplaws. The natural looks applied a back-lit natural light setting to present the smooth texture of skin and soft clean transaction.




Fujifilm X-T1/ XF56mm f1.2R, three strobes.

The light setting up here provides a high-contrast aggressive visual impact of color mixture. By suing the red-gel and yellow gel on the back light and side light, the light of colors takes over the shadow on the body, stress the abstract form of gesture. With the confident and elegant movements, Hannah perform the perfect gracious beauty in this polish dress. 


Boho look

Cady Roberts LDN Model

Cady Roberts, LDN Model


Fujifilm X-T1 + XF 56mm f1.2R



A stunning model - Cady Roberts in Boho looks with a little spring taste of environment for this location shoot. The reflection of the afternoon sun light  just perfectly illumines the face from shadow. The Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 @ f1.2 provided a proper DOF in this scene. 





Fujifilm X-T1 + XF 56mm f1.2R

The Broadway Studio 

It's a fun experience to work in the Broadway Studio. Many great photographers there and many nice friends too:)


The young star  

The young 10 years old girl shows the charming model look in the studio.

Four light setting:

Main light: GODOX AD180 + 22" Beauty Dish + Grid, Left side, 1.5M 

Added light: GODOX V860c + Red Gel, right behind,  2M

Background Light: Youngnuo YN-560III + Red Gel, Left behind bounce up, 2M

Background Light: Youngnuo YN-560III + Yellow Gel, Right Behind bounce back, 2M