I love one light set-up for the portrait, but I prefer the three light set-up more. The simplicity is beautiful, elegance, as we can see from many classic Fashion Photography which strictly utilizes the one light method. For me I would like to bring a little depth and color into my picture, a little personal taste of my fine art background instead of the logical clarity of light. More lights mean more distractions beside the area of focus, thus it takes the experiences and the foreseeing of the composition of atheistic sensation. But I love to try all the combination, even there are many chances to fail :)



 LDN Model: Raquel Pulle

One Light Set-Up


 Very clean and easy to read the subject, shows the logic of the lighting direction.

The shadows are emerged thus it's fuzzy to identify the subject and the space(background).. 



 LDN Model: Raquel Pulle 

Three Light Set-Up


Add a outline kick light and background back lit, the space has been noted around the subject.

The kick lit indicates the thickness of the subject, also reveal the texture (with a harder lighting)






 Another One-Light Set-Up sample





Three-Lights Set-UP sample

Basing the same concept of delivering the shape and depth go the subject in the image.

The difficulty is to determinate the volume of the second/third light! When we check the playback on the camera on the site, it seems very subtle but become distractions on the large monitor. Nevertheless it's preferable for me to dedicate the lighting onto my fashion photography style.   

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